10 things to know about cybersecurity in 2020

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Cybersecurity talent is elusive, resources are dwindling, but hacks are on the rise. We’re addressing these challenges as “must-haves” as we kick off the year is essential to an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. Here are some of the 10 things to know about cybersecurity in 2020. (If  you’re interested in hearing more, register for a Cygilant and AT&T Cybersecurity webinar on the topic February 6).
1. Security-as-a-service fills the talent and recruitment gap.
We are already falling into a talent abyss where there isn’t enough cybersecurity or compliance expertise and it’s not changing anytime soon. Getting help from security-as-a-service organizations will become the de-facto standard as the only way to fill the talent and recruitment gap.
2. Navigating vendor noise becomes harder.
With so many cybersecurity vendors in the market, it’s tough to make decisions on what will truly…

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