2017 witnesses 43,000 cyber attacks on every UK Business


Beaming which is one of the Britain’s leading broadband services provider has conducted a survey of UK businesses and came to a conclusion that the first quarter of 2017 witnessed 43000 cyber attacks hitting every single business in the UK. 

When the numbers are analyzed further, Beaming claims that each business gets attacked 474 times per hour. And the study found that 92% of such attacks are targeting Internet of Things (IoT) such as CCTV cameras or building control systems, and control rooms related to security.

“While the good news is that the numbers are down when compared to previous years, especially after the battering corporate firewalls took at the end of last year. Businesses are still being probed 100s of times a day by hackers”, says Sonia Blizzard, Managing Director, Beaming.

Beaming’s study says that each company operating in the UK suffered almost 39,000 attacks of this nature in 2017 which is 84% more compared to the same period last year. Furthermore, the researchers of Beaming have also found that the vast majority of attacks are computer scripts seeking to take control of devices related to IoT.

Technically speaking, the loopholes which are being exploited by hackers are being created by businesses themselves. The firms are allowing suppliers inside their firewalls to provide access to devices such as networked printers, air conditioning units, and control systems of a building. And somehow the hackers are gaining control of the company’s digital assets and are succeeding in using them as an element of a bigger hack or DDoS attack at a later stage.

So, how to curtail such cyber threats and save the businesses?

Ms. Sonia, the managing director of Beaming suggests that modest investment in next generation sophisticated firewalls, unified threat management devices and intrusion detection software make a lot of sense in curtailing cyber attacks on UK businesses.

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Naveen Goud
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