2018’s Top 10 Webcasts

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Cybersecurity professionals are busy enough even without having to keep up with the constant changes in the threat landscape and advances in security technology. But keep up you must, and that’s why (ISC)² have webcasts throughout the year on various security-related topics. Based on ratings by cybersecurity professionals, here are the top 10 webcasts from 2018:


State of the Internet/Security 2018: Web Attacks

Learn how reptiles and hackers target the hotel industry by hitting the library, and how to fight back. This webcast includes case studies on how the aviation industry deploys crawler management solutions to protect their websites. Delivered in Mandarin. Sponsored by Akamai Technologies.

Control Digital Data and Make a Business

How can you achieve 100% compliance and cloud utilization? Topics of discussion include digital transformation and how to derive new value from business data to benefit both customers and employees. Delivered in Japanese. Sponsored by Symantec.

Cyber Exposure: Insights into Security Risks/Vulnerability Situation Analysis

Which company assets are exposed to risk and how should they be addressed? Get tips on reducing risk of exposure to modern cyber attacks, taking into consideration traditional IT, public and private clouds, web applications and containers, and IoT and OT (operational technology). Conducted in Mandarin. Sponsored by Tenable.

Protecting Your Organization Inside Out Using Identity

Identity management is essential to any organization’s security plan. This webinar centers on how to use identity management to protect organizations internally and externally. Best practices in identity management implementation are discussed, as well as botnets and methodologies employed by cybercriminals in credential stuffing and botnet automation. Sponsored by Akamai Technologies.

Webinar-isc2-security-toolsSecurity at Network Speeds

Fast-increasing network traffic and tool sprawl are overwhelming security operations and network operations teams. This webinar addresses how to deliver the right data to the right tools to maximize tool performance, drive consolidation across the security stack to rapidly detect and respond to threats, and manage a common platform across virtual and public clouds to improve visibility. Sponsored by Gigamon.

Achieve Your Security Goals with Inline Prevention Tools

Inline security tools actively prevent threats in your network, but tool deployment and optimization isn’t easy. Downsides may include a potential point of failure, degradation of network and application performance, and difficulty to scale and upgrade. A next-generation packet broker with inline bypass functionality can help. Sponsored by Gigamon.

Unified IT-OT Security Management: Strengthening Critical Infrastructure Defense

This webinar focuses on critical infrastructure and how nation-states and common cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in connections between IT and OT. Find out how to gain seamless visibility of on-premises, cloud and OT networks and use modeling and analytics to effectively prioritize responses. Sponsored by Skybox Security.

State of the Internet/Security 2018: Web Attacks and Zero Trust Best Practices

This webcasts focuses on zero-trust security and how to transition to it. Also included are updates on bot and credential abuse to the service industry. Countermeasures to these attack practices are addressed, as well as how DDoS attacks adopt different tactics to boost attack effectiveness. Delivered in Japanese. Sponsored by Akamai Technologies.

Select and Deploy New Security Tools Faster

Efficient prevention and rapid detection and containment improve a company’s overall security posture. This webinar focuses on how to implement strategies to keep up with ever-changing security tools, test multiple tools without affecting network performance, strengthen testing, and streamline tool deployment. Sponsored by Gigamon.

Why Vulnerability Management Demands More Than Scan-and-Patch

Too many vulnerability management programs rely on incomplete or out-of-date scan data, which can lead to remediating assets that are already protected while ignoring those exposed to attack. Learn how to centralize and analyze data from the entire attack surface to narrow the focus on the vulnerabilities most likely to be used in a cyberattack. Sponsored by Skybox Security.


Take the time to play the recordings of these top webinars if you haven’t yet – or rewatch them if you already have. There’s always something you can learn to help with your day-to-day duties.