5 questions every higher-ed security leader should ask


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Patrick Robinson and Mike McLaughlin contributed to this blog.
In the day and age of COVID-19 we have witnessed a transformation of the way we work. If I were asked before March of 2020 how long it would take to make the progress in digital and security transformation that we as a society have made in the last 9 months, I would have guessed at least 5 years. The rate of adoption in the face of the pandemic has been unprecedented.
Nowhere have the changes required to make remote working come on faster than with education. Whether it’s K-12 or high-education remote access adoption and the security measures that accompany have been implemented at a blistering pace.
This article will lay out a few questions and requests that we at AT&T have been asked by education customers to help them build out better, faster and more secure access for…

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