5 Things Solution Providers Should Know About Googlian Malware

A Major Breach

Check Point Software Technologies Wednesday said its researchers discovered a new Android malware, called Googlian, that has breached more than a million Android accounts. The news comes as Google has looked to ramp up the security of its Android OS, including now pushing automatic security updates. In a blog post about the discovery, Check Point called the Googlian malware the “largest Google account breach to date” and shows a shift toward more mobile attacks.

“This theft of over a million Google account details is very alarming and represents the next stage of cyberattacks,” said Michael Shaulov, Check Point’s head of mobile products. “We are seeing a shift in the strategy of hackers, who are now targeting mobile devices in order to obtain the sensitive information that is stored on them.” Here’s the fast facts on what partners need to know.


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