7 Challenges in modern Cybersecurity and how to fix them

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Cybersecurity is a leading concern for any business today. While this trend has made IT security a secure and potentially lucrative field, modern cybersecurity professionals also face growing challenges.
If you hope to keep your business safe amid rising threats, you’ll have to overcome these obstacles. In that spirit, here are seven of the top challenges in modern cybersecurity and how you can solve them.
1. Staffing shortages
As more businesses become aware of the need for cybersecurity, demand has risen, but there aren’t enough workers to meet it. A recent survey revealed that 61% of cybersecurity teams are understaffed. If you haven’t already, you may soon encounter difficulty finding enough talent to handle your increasing workload.
Specialty occupation visa programs may help you find talent internationally to help fill the gaps. Alternatively, you can turn…

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