A £10 million funding to tackle Cyber Threats on digital devices in the UK

    The Government of the United Kingdom has indulged in a £10 million funding to deal with cyber threats which are hitting the digital infrastructure and services operating in their country.


    The funding was recently announced by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, and Media & Sport (DCMS) and was intended to bolster the Cybersecurity defense-line under Digital Security by Design Programme; intended to award winners who are working on projects to secure the infrastructure of UK organizations and digital devices.


    University of Southampton HD-Sec Solution happens to be one of the winners of this program and has worked on the project of accelerating the process of weeding out security vulnerabilities through software designs that are not susceptible to cyber attacks.


    Under the same program, the Cybersecurity solution named CAP-TEE and developed by researchers from the University of Birmingham has also been named as the winner of the government grant. It bagged the funding by producing a microchip which has the ability to protect systems that store sensitive and personal data of hackers.


    Britain’s Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden said that the program is aimed to make his country the best region to ‘work, connect and live online’.


    Note 1- The project funding will be spread over 4 years and already 9 firms have received the funding with the due competition.


    Note 2- Early this year, the UK Government launched a Cyber Attacks Stimulation program to nourish fresh talent in the field of Cybersecurity to secure connected cars. GCHQ funded the program and urged the women forced to lead the field of Cybersecurity.

    Naveen Goud
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