A synopsis of Russian Cyber Attack on UK Anti Doping Agency


Fancy Bear, the Russian Intelligence funded hackers group is said to have launched a cyber attack on UK Anti Doping (UKAD) Agency on last weekend to siphon off with data related to medical records and drug testing history of Britain’s leading sports stars.

But the officials at the UK’s anti-doping agency have confirmed that the attack couldn’t compromise any data and all the data pertaining to the leading sports stars of Britain was secure.

The agency also insisted that the attack could have been the work of the same Russian hackers who tried to access the data of other doping agencies in the past two years but failed on an overall note.

The staff of UKAD was called to a meeting on Monday and were updated about the issue which took place over the weekend. And officials decided to shut down the servers as a precautionary measure.

A spokesperson from UKAD issued a statement on late Monday which said that the hack did not affect the systems of ADAMS Athletes in any way.

Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to make a note of the fact that in January this year, GCHQ issued a warning that Russia could launch cyber attacks on World anti-doping agencies and Olympic associations following the country’s expulsion from last month’s Pyeongchang County Winter Olympics.

Although, Russian dismissed allegations that some of his country’s hackers were involved in disrupting the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics 2018 hosted in South Korea, some reliable sources from South Korean Military confirmed that a state-funded hacking group (fancy bear likely) from Russia was behind the chaos created during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2018.

Note- the Fancy bear is a Russian hacking group prevailing on the dark web since mid-2000’s. The group also is known by names such as APT28, Pawn Storm, Sofacy Group, Sednit, and Strontium is known to launch cyber attacks on Easter European Governments and militaries and Ukraine. The hacking group is also known to influence political events in order make Russia government a supreme power in the political arena on an international note. It is also known to be in a tie-up with Cyber Caliphate which is being led by leaders of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ISIL.

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