Adversaries Seek to Take Advantage of Global Events – How To Prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympics

The 2024 Paris Olympics is set to begin on July 26, global adversaries are paying close attention and such a high-profile event serves as an opportunity for bad actors to cash in on vulnerable organizations and users with poor cyber hygiene. It is crucial to take a proactive approach when dealing with cyber initiatives.

No one tool can stop it all. It is essential to collaborate with many organizations and security agencies to help identify potential security threats early. Robust cybersecurity measures should be implemented to safeguard critical infrastructure and data. This includes monitoring for anomalies, securing service accounts, ensuring cyber hygiene practices are followed, and many more. Not to forget, comprehensive risk assessment and scenario planning are essential components of cyber readiness. Anticipating various adversarial tactics, enables proactive measures to mitigate organizational vulnerabilities.

Ultimately, a cohesive strategy that combines proactive intelligence efforts, robust cybersecurity measures, diplomatic collaboration, and community engagement will fortify resilience against potential adversaries seeking to exploit global events like the 2024 Paris Olympics.

For more insights, security leaders share their thoughts below on their advice for organizations ahead of the Paris Olympics:

Tim Eades, co-founder & CEO, Anetac

“Whether it is the 2024 Paris Olympics, or another “lightning rod” global event, there will be an endless amount of service accounts created through new employee logins, tickets, payment information, etc, that will be seen as a target for bad actors. If they can access an employee login, they have limitless potential to access other chains in the organization.

If we can’t identify what these service accounts have access to in the broader chain of operations, it could be detrimental to security efforts.”

Roy Akerman, CEO & co-founder, Rezonate

“We need to face the facts. User identities are the keys to the castle and should be protected as such. According to the 2024 Verizon Data Breach Report, 68% of breaches happen due to human error and 1/3 of breaches happen due to misconfigurations and other issues. Ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics, it’s crucial to allocate resources to security solutions that establish a baseline for user behavior within an organization’s network.

This approach allows security teams to swiftly detect and address anomalies, and respond to potential threats before they escalate into full blown breaches. In today’s landscape, the question is not whether you’ll face a breach, but when. That’s why prioritizing investment in modern security solutions and fostering a security-conscious culture across your entire organization is paramount, rather than confining it solely to the security team.”


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