Agentless Mobile Security patent awarded to Bitglass

Bitglass which recently raised $45 million series C funding to develop its cloud security product portfolio has been awarded a patent for Agentless Mobile Security. The US Patent 9,553,867 works as a prevalent technology across all major mobile platforms and enables the cloud access security broker to sync with a stolen, lost or de-provisioned device with a void mail or calendar account.

Thus, Bitglass latest patent signature offers the only solution to users seeking mobile security solution which is competent of wiping corporate data while keeping the personal data on the device inviolate.

Additionally, Bitglass patented selective wipe capability doesn’t require an agents, certificates or any kind of convoluted configuration on the end personal mobile device of the user.

In general, agent-based solutions have always shown tracking location and personal activity logs without alerting end users.

And the technicality behind Agentless Mobile Security of Bitglass is to authorize enterprises a balanced way of data protection and user privacy against any kind of invasive device management solutions employed by in-house or outside forces.

Furthermore, the latest patent offers a protection to mobile data without visibility into users personal data while still enforcing access controls, device passcodes and storage disk encryption.

Bitglass offers to companies the privilege to adopt cloud apps while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance. On a wholesome note, Bitglass secures data in the cloud, at access, and on the device.

In the web world which is filled with hackers, there is a high probability that cyber crooks can log in from any device or locations, or attempt to download large amounts of data from any cloud app.

Bitglass keep a check on all these issues by detecting and blocking anomalous user behavior.

Moreover, for all those CIOs/CTOs who are struggling to uncover hidden shadow, IT threats Bitglass offers the privilege to detect and assess threats on their corporate networks. This includes the usage of shadow IT cloud apps, malware threats, anonymizers and such…

On an overall note, Bitglass latest patent will bypass all deployment and employee privacy concerns related to Mobile Device Management (MDM) such as corporate BYOD policies and Mobile Application Management(MAM) technology.

Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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