AirAsia Ransomware Attack by Daixin


    AirAsia, one of the noted airliners of Malaysia, has apparently been hit by a cyber attack of ransomware variant and Daixin Team Group is claiming to have accessed over 5 million records of customers and staff and has allegedly released two spreadsheets proving its claims as true.

    The Kuala Lumpur based airlines that offer flight services to over 165 destinations- all with the help of 22,000 employees worldwide is taking all measures to contain the repercussions arising from the attack.

    Daixin Team is threatening to sell more of the stolen data, if in case the victimized company doesn’t pay the demanded ransom.

    Discerningly, the information that was shared last week includes DoBs, country of birth, where the person belongs to, the secret question that secures their account and the issue seems to be critical.

    AirAsia is doing its best to remove the encryption and has hired forensic experts to deal with the situation.

    NOTE 1- In March this year, the largest low-cost carrier announced its partnership with Hacken, a Cybersecurity consultation offering company to enhance the online experience of its passengers and shielding them from data breaches and malware attacks that could leak information such as passport data, credit card numbers and contact details of customers.

    NOTE 2- A ransomware is a kind of malware where information is stolen from the targeted database and is locked with encryption until a ransom in cryptocurrency, ranging in millions, is paid.

    NOTE 3- A detailed report on Daixin will be released shortly!


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