Announcing support for Alpine!

This post was originally published here by Kuga Visagamani.

Earlier this year we released CloudPassage Container Secure and we’re pleased to say that since that release, we’ve received some phenomenal feedback from our customers. This customer feedback hasn’t gone unnoticed, and we have spent the last few months using it to continuously improve our Container Secure capabilities.

So thanks to your input we have some new additions the we’re pleased to announce: along with the CoreOS support rollout we released in February, we have released support for Alpine!

Alpine’s lightweight and security-aware platform has become a customer favorite these days, and therefore it was a no-brainer for our team to provide full support for Alpine-based Images. We’re excited for our customers to take advantage of Software Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) on Alpine with this additional support.

Also with Alpine Image support, we’ve gone ahead and included support of SVA on Alpine Host with the CloudPassage Halo agent as the container form factor.



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