Anonymous leaks all personal details of Russian soldiers invading Ukraine


All the personal details of about 120,000 Russian soldiers were leaked by the anonymous hacking group that claims to be on the side of the rest of the world supporting Ukraine against the war atrocities of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin.

Leaked details include the date of birth, names, home addresses, and passport numbers, and all the details were tagged with the line “all soldiers taking part in the Ukraine war should be subjected to a war crime tribunal.

FYI, the data release comes after Ukraine’s president publicly Zelensky condemned the genocide of Russia on Bucha, where hundreds of innocent civilians were killed in missile attacks by special forces of the Kremlin.

Anonymous released a statement via a social media platform having over 7.8 m followers confirming a cyberwar declaration on Moscow in retaliation for the aggressive regime of Mr. Putin.

While some are appreciating the information leak of Russian soldiers, others are criticizing the group for pushing innocent soldiers who are just acting on orders of their nation’s president toward cyber crimes such as identity theft.

NOTE- Anonymous is an international hacktivists group that launches cyber attacks on governments, institutions, agencies, corporations, and the Church of Scientology. Its members are called ‘anons’ and they have also indulged in several Samaritans’ activities, such as bringing online child abuse gangs and cyber terrorists to their knees by launching attacks on their servers and disrupting their activities on a permanent note.


Naveen Goud
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