Apple acquires mobile security firm to boost its iPhone 8 build

Apple has acquired an Israeli Facial Recognition startup named RealFace to boost the mobile security feature in its upcoming iPhone 8. RealFace is a firm which offers facial recognition software to authenticate users by simply showing their mug (face) rather than entering a password or pressing their thumb on the ‘Home Button’.

Currently, the latest iPhone 7 and 7plus models have a mobile security feature of pressing their thumb on the ‘Home Button’ for authentication. But for the upcoming model, Apple wants to change this feature by adding more sophistication into it.

Therefore, it has bought ‘RealFace’ for $1.8 million in order to use the product of the Israeli startup into its next generation phones.

Although Apple did not accept this media report directly, Startup Nation Central, a database for Israeli tech companies has confirmed that Apple has acquired RealFace this month.

Launched in 2014, RealFace which is based in Tel Aviv offered its first product in the form of an app called Pickeez which helps its users to pick their photos from cloud platforms.

Apple which already has a similar feature built in its iOS 10 is said to use the acquired company’s product line in all its upcoming phone models.

RealFace has around 10 people as employees and has customers in China, India, Israel, Europe and the United States.

In the year 2011, Apple bought Anobit and then a 3D sensor company PrimeSense in 2013. Then it also acquired LinX in 2015.
If the deal goes as reported by the media, this will prove as the fourth acquisition for Apple.

Coming to the iPhone 8, there are already n numbers of rumors in the media about the company’s next model.

As Apple has a huge share of patronage around the world, let’s hope that all its latest deals help in living up to the expectations of its customers.

Naveen Goud
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