Apple Employees leaking secret info could face 5 years jail term


Apple Inc, the iPhone making giant has reminded its employees of the consequences of leaking secret info meant for internal references. The company issued a memo saying that all those caught in leaking the company’s product info to media resources will be heavily fined and could also face a 5-year jail term.

Since, 2017, Apple has caught hold 29 leakers of which 12 have been arrested for leaking critical info. Here, critical information refers to the data related to Apple’s upcoming products and services such as info related to iPhone models and other computing devices.

Apple has mentioned in its memo that those caught leaking trade secrets will be face federal criminal charges which could land them into deep trouble like losing the job (obviously), jail term and a heavy fine.

Often leaked info leads to curiosity among the fans of Apple devices. But at the same time it can help competitors learn about the new features being offered in the upcoming products and services; later showing an impact on the sales and services of the company as soon as the new model launch takes place.

For example, from the past few months, information on Apple iPhone X, new iPads, and the Apple Watch is doing rounds in the media without any official confirmation.

A source from Guardian reports that Apple security officials are nowadays keeping a close watch on the computers and phones used by their employees- all as a part of tactics to stop leaks.

Apple founder Steve Jobs and his successor Tim Cooks are taking such stringent steps to stop leaks because they want to tell their customers why their product is great, which is otherwise done poorly by someone else.

Note- As per a briefing of ‘The Outline’ employees at the firm’s Chinese factory is offered perks in dollars by black market sellers and media journals to smuggle info and the pictures and spare parts of the upcoming products. Sometimes the pay could be 3 times equivalent to a month or year’s worth of salary of that leaker.

And as soon as Apple’s Tim Cook learned that some of his employees are being paid heavily to leak info, he decided to double down on leaks in 2012. He proceeded by not only introducing the penalty system but also added the federal criminal charges on those who leaked critical data of the company and included a 5-year jail term punishment for those found guilty.

Naveen Goud
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