Apple Inc acquires British AI Startup Spectral Edge to boost its iPhone Camera


American Technology giant Apple Inc has acquired a British technology startup named Spectral Edge for an undisclosed amount. And the news is out that the company will be using the photography technology of the AI startup into its new iPhones which will be releasing next year.


What’s more interesting about this news is that Apple’s corporate lawyer Peter Denwood has been named as the Director of the startup.


The Spectral Edge’s website and the social media accounts of the company have taken down.


Founded in the year 2014 by researchers from the University of East Anglia, Spectral Edge offers a machine learning technology that can improve captured images on phone in real-time.


Technically speaking, the company offers an image-enhancing feature by combining data procured from the standard camera lens and infrared shots, which eventually help in improving the depth of color in an image. As Infrared gets through fog and mist in a more precise way, the details captured by the camera are of superior quality than a simple image.


Highly placed sources say that Apple will be using the newly acquired technology to help users capture perfect selfies in their future devices.


Note 1- Apple Inc’s marked its second acquisition with its purchase of Spectral Edge as the first one happens to be the takeover of digital marketing startup DataTiger in Feb’19.


Note 2– Apple has made it official that it will release its next-generation iPhone in Sept’2020.


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