Apple iOS 16 features include Spyware protection and Lockdown Mode


    Apple Inc that released iOS 16 for iPhone devices seems to have taken security seriously, as its latest OS contains excellent security and privacy related features that can help users from isolating themselves from espionage related activities and state funded attacks.

    Thus, the new OS update released for iPhone 8 and later devices will have ‘Lockdown Mode’ meant only to those who want to enjoy exclusive privacy. The mode helps devices bolster its defenses against functionality related attacks that could be later exploited with spyware. Like the preview of links in SMSes and emails and stopping wired connections when the smart device is in locked mode.

    The Safety Check feature seems to be designed to those who do not want their devices invaded with spyware to reveal their locations or secretly spy on their messages. Plus, the feature can also be tuned in such a way that it restricts access to FaceTime and iMessage apps; just in case the phone goes into the wrong hands.

    Interestingly, the feature SafetyCheck was developed by the American tech giant in collaboration with the National Network to End Domestic Violence, the National Center for Victims of Crime, and the Australian Women’s Services Network.

    Other interesting security feature that is being introduced into iPhone devices through iOS 16 Operating System is the passkey feature that removes the need to key-in a password and instead replaces it with biometrics and that too is enriched with an end-to-end encryption.

    Now to those interested in knowing the Apple iOS 16 release date, here’s an update- the operating system has been released on an official note on September 12th, 2022,

    To know more about who can upgrade their devices to the new OS and compatibility details, just log on to the official website and check it out yourself!


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