Apple iPhone fails to recognize Katie Price


As more and more Apple iPhone users are grouping up on twitter to express their rampage against the facial Recognition technology available on iPhones. The tech company seems to be unperturbed with the backlash.

All these days, those using Face ID on iPhone X struggled to unlock their phones early in the morning as the devices used to fail in early hours in mathematically correctly representing their facial structures.

When Apple was cornered with questions early this year it did admit that the new biometric facial scan has troubles recognizing human faces draped in shaving foam, sunglasses, makeup, and with a music headset. Also, the tech giant agreed that those suffering from a puffed-up face in the mornings due to heavy water retention in their bodies got negative points from the Face ID.

Again those with allergies and surgeries were also facing the same issue i.e false negatives when they used facial ID feature on the iPhone X gadgets.

Celebrity Katie Price who usually goes for facial surgeries 4 times a year launched a furious rampage yesterday when her iPhone failed to recognize her due to a recent botched up facial surgery. And the worst part was that she even forgot her passcode which barred her from making calls from her device.

Annoyed by the experience, the UK born 41-year old is intending to launch a lawsuit against the iOS giant at the end of this year as she is currently recuperating from the side effects left by her facial surgery.

Although the smartphone giant brags that the technology used in it’s upcoming Apple iPhone 11 will be much advanced, those who had an opportunity to test the device have already concluded that the feature will remain the same on the new device launching on September 20th,2019.

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