Apple iPhone has over 36 vulnerabilities

All Apple iPhone users are being requested to download the new iOS 15.6 update as it offers patches to almost 39 vulnerabilities, out of which 17 are serious enough to expose users to critical hacks such as access to sensitive data in the iCloud Photo Library.

In what’s known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, most of the patches are related to memory safety flaws that could expose users to threat actors launching remote code execution attacks.

Just click on Settings >General> Software and just hit on the update software tab.

Meanwhile, a detailed tech discussion is taking place on Redditt from the past two days and that’s related to the topic on how Apple keeps its user data secure for its focus on personal health and fitness.

We all know that Apple iPhone has keeps a track of the health of its users to offer actionable insights over their health and safety. And is also in an opinion to share the information with the medical community for the benefit of the society.

A few in the tech community are questioning the action of the American Tech Giant and are spreading speculations that the firm can share the data with 3rd party developers, healthcare firms and other business organizations.

On the other hand, Apple Inc has issued an assurance to all of its users that it shares no data with private or public entities. It also took a pledge that the health-related data will be used solely for the benefit of its users and not with any other parties, unlike stated in a certain section of media.

NOTE- By the end of this fall, Apple will also release its iOS 16 update.


Naveen Goud
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