Apple iPhone Vulnerability let hackers steal photos, messages and files


    Apple Inc has issued an update that it will soon release the fix to the two newly discovered vulnerabilities that are plaguing iPhone users for the past two weeks. According to an update released by privacy experts at VPNOverview, these two bugs have the potential of handing over fraudulent access to cyber criminals, thus allowing them to steal photos, messages and files.

    The tech giant added the two flaws to its product security update page on an immediate note and is urging users to download iOS 16.3.1 version to fix the flaws.

    Although the smart phone offering giant has stringent policy restrictions on what will run on devices, these two susceptibilities are allowing criminals to bypass the protection and access personal info of users.

    Downloading trusted apps from the App Store and not opening any links send by unknown senders via messages and emails is the only solution to thwart this trouble.

    Coming to the other news related to the issue, a woman in the US has reportedly lost $10k from her bank account after thieves snatched her iPhone 13 Pro Max device at a restaurant who then used the device to steal money.

    As per the details available from a source of Wall Street Journal, the bad guys somehow got access to the iPhone passcode through which they accessed the victim’s bank credentials to steal money.

    And mind you, the woman named Reyhan Ayas is an economist and a tech enthusiast and works for an intelligence startup.

    Now, imagine, if hackers can steal money from a well-versed person, then they can drain accounts of others on an easy note…isn’t it?


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