Apple launches new privacy portal to abide European GDPR Rules


Apple Inc has launched a new privacy portal which will help its device users to know what info Apple has collected on them to date. The action is said to be a response to upcoming GDPR rules in Europe.

As of now, the service will be available to only European Users. But in near future, it can be extended to all users around the world of the respected company.

The iPhone maker has taken the steps to offer more data privacy controls to its users in the wake of Cambridge Analytica Political data scandal.

Thus, users of Apple devices can request a copy of any data Apple has collected to date via iOS apps and services. They can also have the privilege of correcting the data errors, deactivate certain services and also permanently delete it.

It includes info such as App Store Activity, AppleCare history, any purchase history, Apple ID Info, data stores on iCloud including images, documents, videos, reminders, app usage data, calendars, Apple iCloud contacts, gaming stats and more.

Apple has made it official that this service will be available to users from Europe, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland for now and plans to extend it to France by this month end.

In coming months, the rest of the users of the world using iPhone and other Apple devices will get an opportunity to have a sneak peek of what they’re shared with Apple Inc so far.

Note- On May 25th of this year, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules will go its effect in the European Union. And as a part of the new rules, companies have to disclose on how they are using and managing all the personal data shared by their respective users.

Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter have also released new data tools to comply with the new GDPR policy standards.

Naveen Goud
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