Apple offers Safari Browser update to tackle fake ransomware

Apple Inc has issued a software update to tackle the circulation of a fake ransomware attack which demands money in order to unlock the handset’s Safari browser. As per the report published by security firm LookOut, the ransomware attack is fake and clearing the browser cache was actually sufficient to restore full access.

The Victims are affected by the malware in the following way. First, the malware hits the browser which later locks up the browser activities and accuses the user in the form of a pop-up message of accessing illegal po##graphy or pirating music. The message adds that his/her Apple device is locked until a ransom of £100 in the form of an iTunes gift card is sent in the form of a text message to a designated mobile number.

But in reality, no browser or phone gets locked and the users can come out of the said situation just by deleting the browser’s cache or history.

Security researchers from a firm funded by Apple said that the loophole is just a kind of threat running on a JavaScript which is a simple code seen on any website.

But Apple has taken a note of this security threat and has issued an iOS 10.3 update to tackle the menace. Thence, with the new security update, Apple has changed the way pop-up dialogs work.
So, all those who go for this update will isolate themselves from being cyber attacked by this fake ransomware.

Now, to those who have a feeling that iOS and Apple devices, in general, are less vulnerable to such cyber attacks, here’s an update. JavaScript is a cross-platform and so all operating systems are extremely vulnerable to such cyber attacks.

Note- Ransomware is a kind of malware which creeps into a device or computer network and encrypts all accessible files. It unlocks the files, only when the malware developer/hacker receives the said ransom.

Naveen Goud
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