Apple Siri causes privacy concerns by reading private notifications


Apple Siri with whom you daily chat on topics related to news, weather, music and new movies can also make your day worse by reading out your private notifications loud and that too when you’re in public or office.

Security analysts from Gizmodo say that the security flaw doesn’t affect iMessage notifications, but can affect some third-party applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and Signal.

In general, those concerned about their privacy will disable the display of incoming notifications on the device lock screen. In fact, Apple’s new but the most troublesome iOS 11 operating system offers this feature by default.

For instance, if you ask SIRI to read out notifications in general, it will first ask to unlock your phone to complete the task. But Security researchers have found out that Siri- the Apple’s voice assistant still reads out hidden notifications aloud even if the phone device is locked. Means, anyone with a physical access to your phone could head your private messages meant just for you.

Fortunately, any messages or notifications sent to Apple’s own Messaging app i.e. iMessage are isolated from becoming a victim of this technical blunder.

Note- Siri is a virtual assistant of Apple meant to help users by offering simple questions, making recommendations, reading out notifications and perform actions by pushing requests to web service providers. Although the technology saw the light in 2010, it was integrated into iPhone 4S and was released into the market in October 2011. Now, Siri has become an integral part of Apple device ecosystem as it is now being used in all new iPhone models, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, AirPods, Apple TV and HomePod.

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