Are Cloud Solutions More Secure?

By now, many business owners understand the value of leveraging the internet in order to promote their business and to connect with their target market. However, very few business owners think beyond the marketing benefits. Contrary to popular belief, cloud computing is a more secure option for small businesses, and a growing number of small businesses are beginning to use cloud computing for its security benefits. Here’s why:

Improved Flexibility and Collaboration

The defining trait of cloud computing is that there are a wide variety of software applications that you can use to perform various tasks. Cloud-based apps can help improve a business’ flexibility in terms of being able to take a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity. Businesses can take advantage of automated cloud-based cybersecurity programs.


Most small businesses are always trying to find a way to grow, but too much growth at once could upset the order that you’ve established within your business. New expenses, needs, and challenges will almost always prove to be difficult obstacles. These problems are made more difficult if you have rigid processes. Cloud-based security solutions are extremely valuable in this regard, since you only pay for what you need and it’s easy to upscale or downscale the resources you use.


Another benefit of switching to a cloud-based security structure is that you’re bound to save a significant amount of money, whether it’s in the reduction of expenses related to computer equipment, software, or IT resources. There’s also the fact that cloud-based services provide users access to a full security suite, which would otherwise cost much more if these tools were purchased on a separate basis.

Crisis Management

Having end-to-end technology solutions not only enables your teams to continue to perform key services remotely, but it also ensures that your security platforms cannot be targeted directly. This means that the weak spots of your business cannot be identified easily. Even if they were identified, cloud-based security service providers almost always have top-notch measures and equipment that can repel most attacks. You can even consider moving your key data and processes to the cloud so that you have redundancies that allow your business to function even during difficult scenarios.

Reduced IT Load

We all know the value of IT tasks such as network monitoring, IT support, and cybersecurity. There are many other tasks that take up valuable It resources to the point that most small businesses have a reactive approach to IT-related problems. Cloud services such as managed detection and response can free up your IT resources significantly, so that you’re able to dedicate more resources to other important tasks. By doing so, you’re able to take a more proactive stance.

Many experts claim that cloud computing is the future of digitalization, and this assessment is proving to be correct. Cloud-based solutions are not only for major enterprises, and they might even benefit small businesses in a greater capacity. If you haven’t implemented cloud-based cybersecurity solutions for your business, you might want to consider doing so soon.


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