Arlo Security cameras suffer outage worldwide


Belgium based Security camera producer ARLO has made an official announcement on late Sunday which says that thousands of its cameras operating across the world suffered an outage for hours starting from this Saturday.

The CCTV Company which is now a part of Netgear says that the issue started on late Saturday due to some intermitted login errors and those errors led to the disruption of its services making users unable to access motion detection recordings or watch live streams.

As soon as the home security cameras stopped working there was a commotion in various social media platforms that the cameras were hacked by a hacking group.

Later Arlo issued an apologized for the error and clarified that the disruption was not due to a cyber attack as suggested by a certain section of the media and was purely due to some technical difficulties.

Note 1- In May this year, Netgear security analysts warned Arlo users of a potential vulnerability which could leave their devices exposed to hackers. The analysts said that some cyber crooks have obtained the default credential of the cameras from a third party and are in an intention to launch a cyber attack.

Based on the alert suggested by Netgear, some news resources started claiming that the disruption was a result of a cyber attack from some state-funded actors. Officials from Arlo Security Cameras dismissed off the news as baseless speculations and concluded that the disruption was a result of a technical glitch caused for some users using cloud-based subscriptions.

Note 2- Arlo which conducts business in America via San Jose, California makes easy to install and wireless CCTV solutions such as baby monitors and security systems. It’s in business in America since 2014 and is said to have sold more than 8.6 million smart connected devices to over 2.2 million registered users in more than 100 countries located across the globe.

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