Artificial Intelligence to detect Covid virus from Cough


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scientists have devised a new tool that can detect respiratory illnesses like TB and COVID-19 by just analyzing the sound of the patient’s cough. It can sound over-exaggerated, but is true!

A Government Hospital for Chest and Communicable Disease attached to the Andhra Medical College (AMC) has found the technique to detect Corona and Tuberculosis to aid doctors and patients termed in medication to cure it as early as possible.

Further, trials can also help detect other respirator ailments such as asthma, bronchitis and COPD that can aid in reducing the time of detection to assist better cure.

Currently, only X-Rays, chest scans and other respirator tests are used to detect viruses and other health complications. And it is usually time taking and expensive.

But AMC researchers argue that their software tool can not only help in recovering the comorbidities related to lungs early, but can also fasten the treatment and recovery time to a large extent, thus saving a lot of treatment related costs to the patient.

Salcit Technologies is the firm that developed the AI based Corona and TB disease detection tech by analyzing cough sounds and corelating them with the body temperature, oxygen saturation and symptoms in the patient.

Another healthcare startup from Telangana named Docturnal is also working on the same technology and published its analysis recently in Nature Journal.

Telangana AI Mission funded by the Telangana State Innovation Cell is assisting in the development of Docturnal TB detection application called TimBre. The new Timbre App also has the potential to be developed into a Corona detection application to help detect the virus within seconds of analysis.


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