AstraLocker Ransomware shuts down operations and shifts to Cryptojacking


AstraLocker Ransomware is all set to shut down its operations as it has shifted its operations towards Cryptojacking. The hackers behind the malware have issued an official statement on this note and added that they were ready to provide a free decryption tool to their victims, if any.

Already, the hackers’ group released an informal statement in February this year about their intention to shut down their malware distribution operations. As the law-enforcement forces behind them were making it tough for the cyber crooks to gain ransom from their victims.

Thus, the group of hackers has shifted their business earnings focus toward earnings gained from cryptojacking.

Cryptojacking is a kind of cyber assault where hackers are seen secretly installing crypto-mining malware on the victims’ computing devices to thereafter use their computing power for the generation of cryptocurrency.

Note- Thus, with the latest announcement, AstraLocker, a spin of Babuk Ransomware, has joined the list of other ransomware variants that shut their business operations in recent times- because of the pressure and monitoring of enforcement agencies across the world. Some ransomware variants that shut their operations are – FonixLocker, Ziggy Ransomware, FilesLocker, Shade Ransomware, AES-NI, Crysis, TeslaCrypt, SynAck, Ragnarok, and Avaddon.


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