Asymmetrical threats in Cybersecurity

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Security and defense theory are inextricably entwined. Consider medieval castles. They were designed as a defensive mechanism that provided security to those within, most of whom were simply civilians hiding behind the walls for protection from invaders.  Within cybersecurity, multiple concepts from defense and war theory can be applied to better address the cyber risks facing organizations.  In fact, the term Bastion Host refers to a Bastion which has very militaristic connotations.  In previous posts, the concepts of security cycle theory, attacker motivations, and threat adaptation have been explored.  Another critical concept is that of asymmetric threats. 
The terms Asymmetrical Warfare or Asymmetrical Threats can be summarized simply as the asymmetry that exists between two adversaries and the tactics used by the weaker adversary to render the strengths of the stronger adversary moot. It is rare, though mathematically possible, to have parity between adversaries. …

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