Austin Justice Coalition suffers a Cyber Attack


As the American populace is raising its voice against the death and prejudice caused to George Floyd, Austin Justice Coalition which helps educate and build the community power of colored people in Texas reported that it became a victim of cyber attack early this week which could have been launched in retaliation to the discrimination caused to the African American community across the United States.

Currently, the website is down as the server hosting the content related to the web portal was targeted with a cyber attack. But sources say that the attack was not made intentionally and could have happened due to extreme web traffic hitting the webserver at once leading to the disruption.

Anyways, the IT staff investigating the incident is probing it thoroughly to ensure that it was not caused due to the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

Meanwhile, Austin Justice Coalition has made it official that it is canceling the march proposed to be held next Sunday as the protests have reached the penultimate stage of fires, looting, and graffiti.

The same event which was supposed to be held on last Sunday was duly canceled at the last minute when it failed to bag the permission from the law enforcement. However, some people still managed to march the streets to protest the killing of George Floyd in May and Michael Ramos in April 2020.

Chas Moore, the Executive Director of Austin Justice Coalition supported the solidarity expressed by the American populace in mourning the death of George Floyd but condemned the multiple fires which took place at few places and the store & car looting at the 6th street.

Naveen Goud
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