Australia Toll Group suffers Nefilim ransomware attack

    For the second time this year, Australian logistics company Toll Group has revealed that it has suffered a ransomware infection which disrupted the operations of several of its servers.


    And the interesting part of this second ransomware attack is that the company witnessed

    a new variant of malware infection dubbed Nefilim where hackers spreading this ransomware were seen threatening the victim (Toll Group) of leaking company information on the dark web if the victim fails to pay the ransom in one week.


    Now, to those who are clueless about the first ransomware attack which took place on Toll Group, here’s a gist on it. In February the first week, the Australian transportation company witnessed that 1000 of its servers were infected with MailTo( NetWalker) Ransomware disrupting goods and service delivery across Australia.


    Toll Australia assured that no personal details were leaked in the first incident and expect the same from the second incident. However, the hackers who spread the malware disclosed that they managed to steal the data before encrypting the database and will publish the info on the dark web.


    Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) has taken note of the cyberattack and has started a probe.


    Note- Toll Group is a company that offers logistics through air, road, and sea through a fleet of 19,000 vehicles including trucks, trailers, and containers. It also indulges in warehousing and offers services in over 15,000 countries.


    Naveen Goud
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