BadRabbit Ransomware is spreading like wildfire across Europe!


BadRabbit ransomware which mainly targeted organizations in Russia is said to be spreading like a wildfire across Europe. The malware which has so far disrupted organizations in Germany, Ukraine, and Turkey is now inching towards organizations operating in London and other European nations.

And as per the expert’s review from Kaspersky Lab, BadRabbit virus code is littered with references to Game of Thrones and the two dragons from the hit series. The virus is also trying to list passwords such as love, S#X, God, secret while trying to spread.

Technically, BadRabbit is being spread in disguise of a Windows Flash Update. The update depicts itself in such a form that it succeeds in convincing the users in going for an install.
Reuter’s reports that the threat level increases for PCs which are networked as one infected Pc can disrupt other systems on its network.

Although they are no major cyber causalities in the UK, National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has issued a warning that hackers can anytime launch the said ransomware attack on companies operating in their region.

NCSC which happens to be a cyber division of GCHQ is monitoring the situation and working with partners to better understand the threat.

Researchers from Kaspersky suspect that hackers from North Korea, especially the state-funded Lazarus group might be behind the spread of this attack. The Russia based firm said that North Korea is launching such attacks by leasing out services to dark web server operators located in countries like China, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Naveen Goud
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