‘Beer’ brewed by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology is now being used to brew beer and popular brewery brand IntelligentX claims to be doing so. Well, the idea is not to replace the brewmaster in the future, but to enrich their thoughts with innovative ideas by analyzing several data points.
Thus, by using AI tech, IntelligentX has achieved the distinction of creating the world’s 1st beer that utilizes AI Algorithms as well as machine learning to help alter its beer recipes.

It’s said that the company has so far managed to create 4 different variants of beer- Black AI, Golden AI, Pale AI and Amber AI by asking is customers to input their feedback via the URL link which is being provided on the beer bottles supplied by the company. All that the beer guzzler needs to do is to just answer 10 simple questions. And so far the company is said to have managed to gain more than 100,000 data points.

Currently, the innovative algorithm tech is in the testing stage and news is out that the decision to use the AI insights is up to the brewer on a final note.

On the other hand, another brewery named Carlsberg, a Copenhagen based company has also made it official that it is using AI technology in the production of beer from the past 3 years. Named as the Beer Fingerprinting Project, done in partnership with Microsoft, Aarhus University and the Technical University of Denmark, the project is using sensors to create over 1000 different flavors each day. The data is then collected by an AI system which ultimately helps in determining 12 near consumable flavors each day.

We are sure that there might be other companies in the world who might be using AI technology to brew beer. But this article only includes the Beer brewing story of two companies through Artificial Intelligence for now.

Naveen Goud
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