Belgium admits China hackers behind the attack on European Government MP  


Belgium government has made an official announcement that Beijing launched cyber-attacks on a prominent MP of the nation and tagged the activity as a “Crime against Humanity”. Samuel Cogolati is the MP who was targeted by spear phishing attack from Chinese state actor “APT31”, but the latter condemned the allegations as baseless.

Coming to the other news, the Xi-Jinping led nation has eased out some data security policies for multinational companies that are making business in their nation.

Earlier, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) posted stringent measures for companies making investment, making them mandatory to set up data farms in business relation. So, businesses operating in the region should make sure that they are storing the generated data in the same region and never transit that info to foreign servers.

Chinese regulators from now on have eased some policies to foreign investors from March 1st, 2023 as they do not need any extensive explanation or proof to get the government approval for user’s data flow, storage and security.

Every time, the west has targeted countries like China and Russia for digital invasions on critical infrastructures operating in their nations and sometimes they gained evidence. But in most cases, their allegations proved baseless as they failed to put forward proper evidence at the right time.

For instance, it happened with 2016 polls that were alleged to be influenced by Putin, eventually going in favor of the then President Donald Trump. However, there was not enough evidence to prove it, giving raise to a political strain between the two countries.

They minimized this incident internationally due to lack of evidence. And the only buzz was in the western media that was eventually tagged as a political witchcraft by both Beijing and Moscow.


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