Best Mobile Security books to read


To all those who like to explore the field of mobile security technology, here are some books to learn how to efficiently manage and secure mobile device deployments.


Android Security Internals- This book written by Nikolay Elenkov helps in providing an in-depth knowledge of Android Security Architecture and offers help in implementing major security components and subsystems like Binder IPC, Permissions, Cryptographic provides and device administrations. So, all your android developers who would like to have a grip on security features are requested to go through this book.


iOS Application Security – Written by David Thiel, the book helps in weeding out security lapses in iOS apps and guides iOS coding mistakes to avoid and other issues. On an overall note, the book acts as a definitive guide for hackers as well as iOS developers.


Hacking Exposed Mobile- Written by Neil Bergman and Mike Stanfield the book covers a wide range of attacks on mobile deployments by applying related countermeasures. The book acts as a guide to secure mobile deployments by leveraging mobile OS features and MDM to isolate apps and data while dealing with secure mobile payment solutions.


LTE Security- This book acts as a startup guide to LTE security addressing and security architecture based on elements such as GSM and 3G deployments. Dan Forsberg, Gunther Horn, Wolf Dietrich Moeller, and Valtteri Niemi are the writers of this book.


Mobile Application Security was written by Chris Clark and Himanshu Dwivedi and David Thiel offers guidance in mobile application development and best practices.


Mobile Device Security acts as an excellent guide to secure information in the moving world. Written by Stephen Fried the book offers immediate actions to be taken to defend and thwart cyber threats.


Security Vulnerabilities in Mobile Operating Systems written by Gerardus Blokdyk offers help in weeding out challenges and security vulnerabilities in mobile operating systems.


Wireless and Mobile Device Security written by Jim Doherty offers content related to the evolution of wired networks and wireless networking and its impact on the corporate world. It helps in discussion risk assessments, cyber threats, and security flaws in wireless networks and helps in mitigating breaches.


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