Best VPN for Torrenting

Is torrenting illegal? Can the government take legal actions against you if you begin torrenting? These are questions people ask every day. The conclusion is basically you cannot be arrested for simply using the service. However, legal action could be taken against you by a copyright holder. This is usually the case and copyright holders can be relentless. Is it worth the risk? Is an illegally downloaded movie worth dealing with legal action? The legal actions can range from a hefty fine to imprisonment.

Torrenting is different from downloading because you are not downloading an entire fire from one location.  Torrents are the collection of bits and pieces of the file from several to hundreds of different computers. The pieces are then compiled to create the full version. 

While torrenting you need to be able to protect your computer. Check out this compilation of the best VPN for torrenting. A VPN or virtual private network will hide your identity and allow you to access free from harm. It is important that you use a VPN that does not log your history. 




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