Blackberry fortifies its stand on mobile security!

BlackBerry Limited the Canada-based smart phones company has decided to strengthen its stand on mobile security in order to boost its government and business customer base. The Toronto-based wireless communication giant has announced that it will consolidate BlackBerry(BB) mobile security software into one product by early next year.

Therefore this move will simplify mobile security offered by BB by integrating BES12 which is the company’s device management tool with products from the 5 software companies it acquired in past 2 years. This includes Good Technology, AtHoc, and WatchDox companies.

BlackBerry’s mobile security software is built on the company’s data encryption which is hard to breach. The same algorithm is being used by Microsoft, Salesforce and Samsung electronics to boost the security of their respective cloud-based platforms.
It is due to this algorithm usage did BB bag prestigious phone making orders from White House and Russia. It has to be notified over here that Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin of Russia use the same encryption driven phone device service for their official communication.

But in recent times, the company’s stand in the mobile market has faded and that’s due to tough competition from companies such as Samsung and Apple.

John Chen, Chief Executive of BlackBerry has said that the new upgrade to its mobile security platform will automatically strengthen its stand in the mobile market in coming days.

The company’s newly released prototype device named “ Mercury” is already creating a lot of buzz among privacy seekers. If this device clicks in the government and business markets which usually seek secure communication platforms then it can surge the sales of the device maker within no time.

In the meantime, Microsoft has also announced that it’s Nokia phones based on Android operating system will be entering the market in February next year. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has assured that the new phone will be enriched with farthest mobile security features making it the best device for all privacy lovers around the world.

Naveen Goud
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