Britain GCHQ unveils 6 level of Cyber Attacks


Government Communications Headquarters of Britain shortly known as GCHQ has released a new framework to rank 6 level of cyber attacks which have or are hitting its critical infrastructure. The report released by the boss of National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) Ciaran Martin states that the ranking will help in preparing the ministers, agencies and law enforcement to combat with a major attack which could be launched by nations like Russia in near future.

NCSC, a cybersecurity unit of GCHQ states that the UK is lucky to not have suffered a major cyber attack of “Category 1”. As per the framework crafted by Mr. Martin’s security team category 1 of cyber attack is of a level triggering national emergency where all essential services like water, power, and other services are disrupted badly causing the economic crisis, social impact, and loss to life.

A cyber attack of category 2 may be classified as the one experienced in May last year by NHS. Yes, the WannaCry Ransomware Attack is of a category 2 cyber attack which forced almost 34 healthcare organizations to be shut down in the UK. Though there was no loss of life, it showed a serious impact on central government, as a large population of UK reigned under its attack suffering both socially and economically.

Category 3,4 and 5 determined by NCSC are those attacks which hit private and public agencies or both at a time. It can range from large to medium organizations and could lead to financial crisis and sometimes shut down of an organization/s on a temporary or permanent note.

Category 6 level of cyber attack is that which hits an individual or early activity aimed at a medium-sized organization.

NCSC in association with GCHQ is planning to put UK’s police, security, and intelligence agencies to test by exposing them to all 6 level of cyber attacks at the upcoming live National Cybercrime Exercise event.

A source from Daily Mail says that the government of Britain will be investing £ 5 million from next year to ensure that UK law enforcement will respond to the significant and ever-evolving cyber threats in an efficient and timely manner.

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