Britain to use AI driven Facial Recognition to nab criminals


Britain is all set to launch a new law where the common public will be subjected to AI driven CCTV surveillance that will help nab criminals. But privacy advocates worry that the new law that is proposed to be implemented by this year’s end in councils related to England and Wales might trigger additional concerns.

Soon those living in & around Britain might face a dystopian future as the government is planning to turn public spaces into open air prisons.

Tony Porter, who worked as a former surveillance commissioner till a few months ago, said that the proposal is illegal and might attract public lash back as it lacks basic guidance on how the rules are going to be implemented.

The Home Office has put all concerns to rest and assured that the activity will be done in full guidance of experts and will empower the police and local council in nabbing criminals precisely.

Watching public with CCTV camera and comparing their faces with a watch list is already being done in China. Even though the public of the Xi Jinping nation opposed to the activity in initial days, the law was tweaked a bit to get the nod from a majority of public.

Highly placed sources say that in some parts of London, the activity to monitor public has started since 2019. And after capturing over 13,000 faces, the law enforcement was successful in nabbing only 1 criminal.

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