Britain’s National Cyber Security Center puts the entire UK on High Alert!


United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has put all the active political parties in the nation on high alert against a possible cyber attack from Russia. The said spying agency which belongs to GCHQ has issued the warning written to the leaders of all political parties and offered to help strengthen their network security.

According to the report published in the Sunday Times, Ciaran Martin, the head of NCSC not only warned the prevailing political parties of UK but also warned Russia against serious consequences, if it doesn’t back out of its activities related to cyber espionage and attacks on other nations.

Ciaran said that Russia seems to be interested in influencing the 2018 general elections of UK and so was/is launching cyber attacks on all political party leaders of its nation. He added that NCSC has enough evidence against the federal nation for launching espionage-related cyber attacks on the democratic processes of his nation.

Citing the 2016 held US Poll results, Ciaran said that Russia might also desire to bring a kind of political instability in his nation, if stringent actions against it aren’t taken.

It has to be notified over here that France government has recently dropped the plan to let its citizens living abroad vote electronically in the legislative elections of June’17.

UK is also planning to abort the action of digital voting and implement ballot boxes based voting in its upcoming general elections which are just a couple of years away.

On an additional note, Britain has also urged all its citizens to practice safe web surfing practices in order to isolate them from any kind of trouble related to the cyber attack.

Note- The National Cyber Security Center of UK is based in Victoria, London and became fully operational in October 2016. It basically provides advice and support to public and private organizations on how to avoid cyber attacks.

Naveen Goud
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