British Airways customer info leaked in Cyber Attack


British Airways (BA), touted as the largest airline carrier in the United Kingdom has disclosed a few hours ago, that Payment card info of more than 380,000 of its customers has been compromised. However, the airline’s staff have confirmed that the leaked info doesn’t include details regarding its passenger travel and passport details.

Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that all those customers who used and the mobile app of the company for booking their flight tickets between August 21st, 2018 and September 5th, 2018 could have their info compromised.

Alex Cruz, the Chairman & Chief Executive of British Airways confirmed this news and apologized to the customers for the cyber incident. Cruz expressed his concern and assured that such an incident will never repeat in the future of British Airways.

The company which is headquartered in Waterside, Harmondsworth, United Kingdom has informed the law enforcement about the cyber attack and has pressed a security firm into service to investigate the incident.

National Cyber Security Center and The National Crime Agency have asserted that they have started to assess the incident.

More details on this issue are awaited!

Note- BA, as a combined International Airlines Group Entity operates around 400 aircraft, carries over 62 million passengers annually and serves its customers in more than 200 destinations.  The highlight of the airliner is that it possesses 58 in number Boeing 777 aircraft and 41 in a number of 747-400 airlines which can carry over 667 passengers in high density one class configuration.

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