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(ISC)²’s Professional Development Institute (PDI) launched earlier this year and aims to provide valuable, accessible education and training to cybersecurity professionals. One of the PDI courses currently available is Building a Strong Culture of Security. Like all PDI courses, it is free for (ISC)² members and associates, and available for purchase at $400 for the general public.

Technology alone cannot protect an organization. It takes knowledgeable and aware team members to each do their part in ensuring critical assets are protected, and that goes beyond the security team. This self-paced, interactive course is intended for use by security professionals as a guide to develop and implement their own Security Education, Awareness and Training (SETA) programs. 

The course includes four modules: 

  1. Facilitating a Focus on Security
  2. Creating Security Awareness Programs that are Fun and Engaging
  3. Driving Behavioral Change
  4. Implementation and Maintaining Momentum

Security-Culture-1104x736Components of the course include video testimonials, webinar excerpts, articles and reference guides. Your retention and understanding of the materials are judged through knowledge checks as well as sections to fill in within the Security Culture Implementation Guide to help you put the course concepts into action right away.

Once you complete the course and post-course assessment, you will earn 4 (ISC)² CPEs and be ready to help create and nurture a strong culture of security in your organization.

Ready to take the course? If you’re an (ISC)² member, the Building a Strong Security Culture course is loaded into your learning center already. Log in and get started today.


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