Calm in the COVID storm: AT&T Cybersecurity


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We’ve been busy at AT&T Cybersecurity during the pandemic. Turns out we could help out our network customers in so many ways. Here are some examples:
Helping enable remote learning
Many schools closed their doors in Spring 2020, when COVID-19 cases began to spike within the U.S. and quickly transitioned to a distance learning model. While this move was necessary to protect the health of students and faculty, it left many low-income families in a position to figure out how they could connect their children to their school’s virtual classrooms when they had no internet service at home.
AT&T worked with popular sports team, the San Antonio Spurs, to offer free and highly secure wireless internet to families from the AT&T Center parking lot. The Spurs managed the physical solution via Aruba Networks provided wireless access points, while AT&amp…

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