Care Analytics partner webinar: CloudPassage security and compliance

This post was originally published here by casey pechan.

Not only is Care Analytics a valued partner of ours, but they provide excellent cloud computing for the healthcare industry. In their latest webinar: Featured partner, CloudPassage security and compliance, we sat down with some of their team to demo and discuss our platform CloudPassage Halo, which Care Analytics has been using for their clients.

This webinar contains a demo and real use cases that demonstrate how you can best take advantage of CloudPassage Halo’s lightweight agent-based monitoring process for automated security. Our friends at Care Analytics also dive into how exactly they use Halo for their clients as well.

Care Analytics is an Amazon Web Services Partner and managed services provider. One of the main ways their team differentiates from other managed services providers is by partnering with what they consider to be the “Best of Breed” to enhance their own services, which is how they came to employ CloudPassage Halo.


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