Chatham County hit by a Cyber Attack

Chatham County, located in North Carolina, is reported to have become a victim of a cyber attack on Wednesday this week and sources say that the communication systems were badly disrupted in the attack.


Dan LaMontagne, the county manager, has confirmed the incident and confirmed that email, phone, and network lines belonging to the network were severely affected in the attack.


Mr. Dan said that the IT staff of the North Carolina-based county was working hard with the law enforcement to recover from the incident quickly and the priority for the authorities is to maintain the critical services on a perfect note and securely restore the systems.


None of the systems belonging to 911 or the early voting services were disrupted in the incident, said Kara Dudley, the public information officer of the county.


Ms. Dudley said that the Cybersecurity measures of Chatham County will be revamped to prevent such incidents to affect the institute and the county in the near future.


Note 1- The attack that is is suspected to be a ransomware variant has been launched at the time when the entire federal force of the United States is preparing to conduct the US 2020 Presidential Elections on November 3rd,2020 – Tuesday. And the FBI has issued a warning last month to all federal agencies to keep their data and IT infrastructure safe and secure from prying eyes. 


Note 2- A poll conducted by Elon University says that 40% of respondents were confident that the election results will be deeply affected by the influence of foreign adversaries. So, the Trump Administration is taking all steps to hold the election event in a non-biased manner.

Naveen Goud
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