China asks Apple to bolster its data security and privacy protections


China has urged Apple CEO Tim Cook to bolster its products’ data security and privacy protections. While, most people in the United States believe that Apple offers iPhones and Macs with the utmost security,

Zheng Shanjie, the Chairperson of the National Development and Reform Commission, met with Cook to discuss the issue of personal privacy protection.

Shanjie urged Cook to strengthen Apple’s stance on data security and to bring in more reforms.

Wang Wentao, the Minister of Commerce, also attended the China development forum and urged Apple to take serious action against its iCloud protections.

It is unclear exactly what Wentao meant, but our analysis suggests that he wanted iCloud to operate according to existing data laws in China.

After months of lockdown in China, Wang and Cook’s meeting was anticipated to bring about political fireworks at the international level.

Foxconn, the iPhone manufacturer, hit the headlines last year as many of its employees threatened to quit their jobs due to stringent COVID lockdown restrictions in China.

This led to the company opening its largest factory in Bengaluru, India, due to lower CapEx and OpEX costs.

However, Cook and his Chinese counterparts handled the situation maturely and ended the meeting with great diplomacy.

It’s worth noting that Apple is known for keeping its users’ privacy intact, even under pressure from law enforcement around the world in unforeseen circumstances.


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