China launches Cyber Attacks on Australian firms

China is reported to have launched repeated cyber attacks on firms operating in Australia which is a clear-cut breach of the bilateral agreement made by the two countries to not steal commercial secrets of each other.

This news was disclosed to the world after the discovery of the facts in an investigation launched by Fairfax Media.

Note- The above-said media firm is the one which owns Sydney Morning Herald and Broadcaster Nine News.

News is out that China’s Ministry of State Security was responsible for the attack which it launched under the name of “Operation Cloud Hooper”.

Five Eyes, which happens to be an intelligence-sharing alliance among countries such as New Zealand, Canada, UK, US, and Australia; is said to have detected the wave of attacks and disclosed it to the Sydney Morning Herald. Later the news resource commissioned further research and discovered some astonishing facts which are as follows.

China’s attacks on Australian firms to steal intellectual property was taking place on a constant and significant note. Even the local companies and universities were not being spared from this scenario.

 Cybersecurity experts from Five Eyes claim that China has increased attacks on business entities operating in Australia in the first six months of this year.

Geng Shuang, the spokesperson from the foreign ministry of China addressed the media reports as baseless and added to the statement that cyber attacks are a common challenge faced by all countries these days.

Mr. Shuang added that the report published in Sydney Morning Herald was fabricated without facts and with some hidden motives.

Such reports will heighten tension and rivalry, instead of helping to protect the common security of cyberspace said, Mr. Shuang.

Naveen Goud
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