China monitors UK and US populace through AI Satellites and thousands of CCTV Cameras

Britain’s government received a red alert last week to the Chinese government monitoring the country’s populace through its AI Satellites and thousands of CCTV Cameras.

Fraser Sampson, the Commissioner for Bio-metrics and Surveillance Cameras, wrote a detailed report to Micheal Grave, the Cabinet Minister, over the dominance of Chinese companies in the supply and deployment of surveillance equipment in Britain.

Mr. Samson is extremely concerned about the dominance of two companies Dahua and Hikvision that have grabbed about 60% of the market share in Britain’s CCTV Market.

As both companies are being controlled by the Chinese Communist Party(CCP), Mr. Fraser is of the opinion that both these firms have the potential to turn the tables anytime.

What’s concerning is that most of the cameras manufactured at these companies are installed at schools, NHS Trusts, army headquarters, and Universities. And a third of them are having backdoors that can be exploited to access images and data without the permission of the owner.

Estimates conducted by the UK-based privacy group Big Brother Watch suggest that Britain has about 164,000 Hikvision cameras installed in public places, while Dahua has its presence felt with over 14,000 cameras installed on-premises of various government bodies.

If this isn’t enough, China is also reportedly using CCTV cameras set up for precision-based missile strikes. This is done by mapping the location of CCTV cameras with satellites and then using the technology of Artificial Intelligence to launch missile attacks based on the guidance given by satellites and CCTV camera coordinates.

IPVM which maintains a huge repository of CCTV camera information says that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has developed weapons that operate by integrating surveillance technology and can destroy targets when mapped through surface-to-air systems and surface-to-surface systems using both moving and fixed launchers.

Hope, someone from the white house has noted these developments!


Naveen Goud
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