China starts attacking Trump for Coronavirus outbreak with fake Facebook ads

China has started to pin the blame on US President Donald Trump by creating fake Facebook (FB) ads which blamed the 73-year old president for the outbreak of Novel COVID 19.


After listening to a lot from the world that the country started a bio war by developing Corona Virus in the labs of Wuhan and spreading it across the globe, the Xi Jinping led nation is now seen turning the tables on North America.


According to a report published in Telegraph, 3 Chinese media outlets named Xinhua, Chine Central Television and The Global Times are seen publicizing heavily about the blame on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram in the form of concealed Political Ads- might be retaliation to the trade ban imposed on China by Trump administration last year.


Highly placed sources say that a team of digital warriors has been assigned the task of tarnishing the image of North America by pinning the blame of the Chinese Virus spread. News is out that they are doing it in the disguise of posting non-political ads from nations that aren’t on the blacklist of Facebook. Furthermore, short article driven ads are being posted on Instagram in English, Chinese and Arabic to ensure the spread attains a 100% success rate.


One ad is seen blaming the President directly for not announcing a ban on international flights on time which could otherwise have put a check on the infection spread in states like New Jersey, Florida, Texas, and New York. And another one suggests that the virus might have emerged in the United States and might have spread to other parts of the world…..OMG from America to Wuhan- are you, serious guys!


Facebook (FB) has taken note of the article and reported to the Telegraph that the Ads monitoring team has been alerted on the issue and they have put some stringent measures in action to curb such blame-games on its platform in near future.


As Mark Zuckerberg’s company relies heavily on Artificial Intelligence tools for Moderation, such kind of discrepancies are expected as Computers do not match the intelligence of Human Minds on most issues.


FB has already identified the accounts and termed most of them as fake and created by bots. It has also investigated more on the issue and discovered that some ad posting requests were made from remote countries such as Cuba- a country which is out of the Facebook’s Political Ad moderation radar.


Since the issue involves the name of one of the world’s most powerful & renowned leaders, FB has decided to dig the incident deep to the core and track down the culprits with foolproof evidence.


A word from Cybersecurity Insiders- Seriously, no one is interested in learning the facts on from where the virus emerged- at least for now. Currently, the situation is such that we need a vaccine to help the populace across the globe from not getting infected with the virus. And a fast recovering N cost-effective treatment for those who have been infected by the virus. And in such a crisis its better if all developed nations stop the blame game and compete in bring up a vaccine and cost-effective treatment for the Corona Virus…..makes complete sense …isn’t it? Rest all matters can be sorted out later….ahhhh!

Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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