Chinese hackers break into Australia defense projects

Hackers suspected to be from China is said to have infiltrated the IT systems at the Australia National University potentially targeting the defense-related research projects of the country. It’s said that data related to the nation’s defense strategies, scientific developments, technology and commercial applications was compromised in the incident.

The Australia National University (ANU) hosts the National Security College and is known to provide training to defense and intelligence officials serving the nation.

Details of when the attack has been targeted are being withheld. However, a spokesperson from the University announced that a team of security analysts has been pressed into service to analyze the impact and to minimize its consequences.

Alex Joske, a Chinese researcher working for the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s International Cyber Policy Center said that the attack acted as a wake-up call and was possibly aimed to steal information for commercial or technological gain.

Australian Universities are known to show laxity towards the implementation of basic cybersecurity policies and the Australian government is now working to strengthen the defenses on the full scale.

Note 1- In April 2018, a press release from Defense Minister Marise Payne stated that more than 400 Australian businesses were targeted by Russian hackers in August 2017. And the attack was later detected to be a part of a cyber espionage campaign to bring the digital world to knees in countries like the United States, Britain, and Australia. However, Australia chose to remain silent on this issue and did not initiate any stern action against the Kremlin.

Note 2- For reasons, Payne has also decided to remain silent on the latest Chinese invasion. But the 53-year old first female defense minister of Australia says that nations launching such attacks will have to repent for their deeds soon.

Naveen Goud
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