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A few days ago, there were reports that China has breached the network of All India Institute of Medical Sciences Servers (AIIMS) in India to siphon data related to over 3 crore patients from the subcontinent.

1.) Now fresh reports are in that a Chinese sponsored hacking group aka APT has stolen $20 million from US Covid relief funds, and the figure might vary as the probe in still underway on this note.

According to a report released to a renowned online news resource, a group named Chengdu, also known as APT41, was involved in the attack of infiltrating servers related to Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans and Unemployment Insurance funds prevailing in about 12 states.

The campaign lasted from May to Sept’20 and was carried out after compromising over 20 accounts of employees, leading to the leak of information from over 2000 accounts and 40k financial transactions.

2.) Coming to the second news and related to Chinese hacking, a reported released by threat intelligence and cyber deception leader ‘Lupovis’ from Scotland states that hacking groups from China are being funded by Kremlin to launch cyber attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure.

 The ploy is to cripple the national networks of the Zelenskyy led nation, pointing the suspicion finger towards the west.

As Chinese hackers have more control on western networks mainly to gather classical information through espionage, seemingly Moscow’s GRU is taking the help of Xi Jinping led country in launching cyberwarfare against Kyiv.

3.) Amnesty International Canada has issued a public statement that the hackers who infiltrated its network in October this year were of Chinese origin and the same was confirmed by a third party forensic firm SecureWorks it hired for probe recently.

Report is in that the website of Amnesty International was compromised in early months of this year and hackers induced certain tools and techniques to conduct espionage since then.


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